We are a global team that are devoted to creating leading Search Engine and PC Browser extension products that can easily be downloaded across the world.
Having created 50+ Browser based extensions that are downloadable directly from the Chrome Store, all of our extensions and browsers have the user in mind to enable and encourage safety first based online browsing. We create everything internally, from the logo, the search engine landing page, the technology that runs all the content, matching algorithms, search engine and the feeds. Our Search Engine browser extensions have been downloaded over 750k times in 27 markets.

Specialized Media Buying Team

We have a highly capable and experienced media buying team who help promote the download of our extensions. Our MB team are responsible for promoting the Chrome Store extensions on various platforms and are responsible for all the campaigns, optimisation and growth of our products.

In-House Search Engine Technologists

We understand that browsing online can get dark sometimes. This is why our internal team of Chrome developers create products with all the leading safety features included in all our extensions. Some of the features include:

Malwarebytes Premium Blocklist

Stops malicious sites from loading, which leads to faster processing times

HTTS Browsing

Allows our users to always connect to sites using secure encryption, which protects information login and data

Automatic Click Cleaning

This helps our users clean up the private browsing history with a simple click

Optional Password Support

Some of our extensions are built with the option of allowing the user to save passwords in a special basket for quick access to important data